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Cherry Pie

  • Cherry Pie

Iím glad the round 13 transfer rule has been abolished this week for the sake of a smarter more common sense system. It was a terrible rule that kept teams, coaches and fans in limbo for longer than they deserved.

On the flip side though, Iím glad Cherry-Evans back flipped on his deal with the Titans. I welcome any players who can find a way to stay at one club. When one of your best players leaves it is always a bitter pill to swallow and while I have an issue with how long it took and the methods he used, the right deal came out in the end.

I feel sorry for the Titans, but at the same time I just feel like his talents would be wasted in an underachieving basket-case side, a far cry from a passionate home supporter base who have grown to adore him in his successful years at Manly. I also feel it is wrong that they are affording one of the best halfbacks in the game when they have no money of their own and canít get their act together on or off the field. They are not in a place where they should be competing for the best players in the comp if they canít even pay them themselves.

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There is a something special about a player who dedicates his life to one team, his team. Yes, he did care about the money but at 26 and with only 1 career to reap the benefits why shouldnít he? Manly have had governance issues of their own and if thatís what he had to do to receive the right offer then so be it.

Cherry-Evans will look back at this decision as very wise move. Nathan Hindmarsh, Darryn Lockyer, Paul Gallen, Cameron Smith, Cooper Cronk, Billy Slater, Anthony Minichiello, Nathan Merritt. The list goes on. They are players who will leave a legacy at the clubs like no others. Hopefully Cherry-Evans does the same.

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