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I believe DCE will stay

  • I believe DCE will stay

All I see are headlines in the media about how DCE will be leaving Manly at the end of the season.

But as usual the media have done a great job fooling everyone (or most people).

Their job is to sell papers or stories, do anything to create a buzz. Sometimes they get things right, sometimes they get it wrong, more often than not they speak in riddles to confuse the reader.

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Sure, DCE may very well leave Manly at the end of this season. But right at this point in time, the truth is nobody knows.

His manager Gavin Orr has taken him on a shopping spree of late, trying to bump up his value, which I assume impacts how much DCE then has to pay him. First it was the Titans at $1M per season, and then it was the Sharks at $800k per season.

From what I have heard, Manly offered him somewhere in the middle, and he had till Monday at Midday to decide.

I believe what happened is his manager would have told him to hold off, going by the theory he is too important and that Manly will not have the balls to withdraw the offer.

But the Manly I have known for 38 years do not let anyone push them around, and certainly not men in business suits who have no association with the NRL or the club. Hence, the offer was withdrawn.

BUT I do believe another offer will put on the table, perhaps something around $800-850k.

Joe Kelly was quoted in an SMH article as saying

"It's obvious what we've done we've set a deadline for a reason and we are now too close to round one," Sea Eagles chief executive Joe Kelly said.


"We will renew our conversations at some stage in the future."

I also believe DCE will sign the next one and remain a Sea Eagle.

When he does, the first thing he should do is sack this Gavin Orr. Until now, all the DCE headlines in his career have been positive. He is a clean skin on and off the field and an absolute sensational player. He does not come across as the type of person who would enjoy the circus we have seen the past few weeks. He speaks with maturity and humility in interviews. I do not believe for a second he has enjoyed this.

So Manly fans, I am asking you to stop crucifying this bloke. We need him to deliver us a premiership in 2015, and perhaps beyond.

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