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Who would you pick between DCE and Foz?

  • Who would you pick between DCE and Foz?

With constant speculation over the past 12 months or so about the future of our star Halves, Foran and Cherry-Evans, us fans would love nothing more than for them to be signed up long term at Manly. Soon.

But let’s imagine for a moment that Manly can only sign 1 of these great players.

Here I am going to take a look at many categories that will help me make a decision -

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Kicking Game

In general play, DCE does the majority of the kicks from our own half. He is able to kick longer than Foz, and is good at finding open spaces or even the odd 40/20.

They both possess a good attacking kicking game. Both are excellent at chipping over the top or putting through a grubber. But I feel that Foz has a slight advantage when kicking inside the opposition 20m line. I feel he forces a few more line drop outs and creates a few more tries through kicks.

But as an all-round kicker, I would give the nod to DCE.

Without him, I feel our long kicks in general play would end up getting the opposition on the front foot running back.

Passing Game

Both possess excellent vision and crisp passes to their support players. Foz plays a more direct game and relies more on a short passing game or an out-the-back pass finding Stewart. DCE I feel has a little bit more lateral vision in his passing game, and is better equipped at finding the winger in open space, or turning Lyon on the inside.

It’s hard to split them, but again I will go with DCE. Just.

Running Game

Foran plays closer to the line more than DCE, and make a lot of half breaks. If only he had the speed of DCE then I think Foran could be a lot more dangerous running the ball.

We have all seen the solo tries that DCE has scored over the past few years, and I think most would agree he has the more dynamic running game.


DCE is a great defender and rarely misses a tackle. Manly are very lucky in that neither half is seen as a “weakness” in defence, which is rare for any club.

But seeing what Foran does, especially with his kick chase, I feel his defence is probably the best of any half in the NRL. He leads the way with his attitude in defence, and is great at starting a set by pinning the opposition fullback or winger into a corner.

Foran gets the points here

Attitude and Leadership

I feel Foran is a natural leader on the park. He leads with his actions more so than his words. Every side needs these types of leaders. He often gets Manly going with a great tackle or an inspiring tough run.

Foran wins this category.


I feel that when Manly create something out of nothing, like a try from their own 20m line or a chip and chase from near half-way, more often than not DCE is involved or doing it himself.

DCE wins this category.


Based on all the above criteria, I will give the points to DCE just slightly over Foz.

I feel DCE is a 9/10 star player and Foz is an 8/10 star player.

Manly are lucky to have them both. Let’s just hope they can both put pen to paper with Manly soon.

Who would you pick?

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