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Mason to Manly?

  • Mason to Manly?

Mason to Manly?

I canít help but to notice the rumours floating around that Willie Mason could be playing for Manly in 2015. My opinion is that Manly could benefit from a one year stint from the big fella.

With Jason King retired, Glenn Stewart off to South Sydney and more rumours that Watmough could be at the Eels, itís important that Manly start planning to grab one or two experienced forwards.

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In 2014, all through the season my biggest concern was the size of our pack, and with Mason coming in at 119 kgs it certainly helps beef up our middle. Itís not just his size that will help, but he seems to have taken on the pack leader role at Newcastle in recent times, and act as a role model for the younger forwards coming through. Who would have thought this 10 years ago?

Watmough is the pack leader at Manly, but if he leaves, we need a replacement, someone to guide the next generation of potential aggressive leaders like Lawrence and Sene-Lefao.

Letís take a look at Masonís output in 2014

Games: 21

Average Runs per game: 9.9

Meters per Game: 90

Tackles per Game: 18

Minutes per Game: 41

The above output shows that he can still play decent minutes in the middle, and still pump out 9 metres per run. Not too many Front Rowers in the game are capable of making over 9 metres per run (George Burgess and Jesse Bromwich the notable exceptions). This is an area Manly certainly struggled in last year with forwards struggling to get on the front foot coming out of trouble.

What do you make of this potential signing?

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