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Geoff Toovey Needs a Brew to Help Pull Him Through

  • Geoff Toovey Needs a Brew to Help Pull Him Through

Geoff Toovey is having a pretty rough trot of it at the moment. The poor little bloke is copping it from all angles and let’s be frank, the little bloke doesn’t really cope all that well with stress at the best of times.

First his side missed out on the minor premiership over the weekend after their loss to the Cowboys in Townsville. The Sea Eagles had the minor premiership so close they could taste it: it was theirs to lose...and they lost it.

Not only that but Manly has their fair share of injury woes too. They have lost Jamie Buhrer and the (until recently) indestructible hooker Matt Ballin. Brett Stewart is also looking iffy after twisting his ankle in the warm up against the Cowboys on the weekend.

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So that’s all pretty rough.

Then you compound all of that with the vast majority of the Sea Eagles roster throwing a hissy fit over the fact the club didn’t retain Glenn Stewart. Now Anthony Watmough and Steve Matai seem to be leading their own little rum rebellion against the club and trying to peddle their wares elsewhere. Matai has been linked with the Warriors and Watmough has been linked with the Eels. Some say Brett Stewart is looking harder for a new club than a ten year old trying to find “Where’s Wally”.

Then the NRL went and changed Manly’s home final to Allianz stadium, which they see as a grave injustice, robbing them of any home advantage they may have had against the Rabbitohs.

All of this madness combining must be weighing pretty heavy on Toovs. If anything else goes wrong the little bloke is liable to blow an O-ring.

So if anyone needs a brew to help pull them on through, it’s Geoff Toovey. We hope you enjoy a nice cold schooner of VB mate.

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